An Introduction to Samoan Adjectives


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Adjectives are words that describe nouns.  In English adjectives go before the noun.

Example:  Big boy. Adjective (Big) + Noun (Boy)

The adjective is Big, the noun is boy.  Big is what describes the boy. Notice that big

goes before the noun in this English phrase.

In Samoan, the adjective comes after the noun.  Big boy is said Boy big or tama lapo’a. Don’t forget to put your “O” and determiner before tama lapo’a to make the noun phrase complete.

O se tama lapo’a.A boy bigEnglish Translation A big boy
O ni tama lapo’aSome boy bigEnglish TranslationSome big boys
O le tama lapo’aThe boy bigEnglish TranslationThe big boy
O tama lapo’aBoy bigEnglish Translation Big boys

Learning tip: Train yourself to think in Samoan word order. Identify things in your everyday life and a word to describe them. Say it in Samoan word order.

Goal: Build vocabulary

Goal: Think is Samoan word order.

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