How to Use Adverbs in Samoan to Create Sentences

  1. Verbs are action words.  Talk, jump, sleep, run, and look are all action words or verbs.
  2. To add additional description to a verb phrase you can use an adverb.  Adverbs are words like quietly, quickly, loudly, and clearly.
  3. Adverbs can also be used with adjectives (words that describe nouns) and other adverbs. 
  4. The word order of ALMOST all adverbs and verbs are Verbs + Adverb.


Walkquickly   —>


Talk quietly   —>Tautala  filemu
Seeclearly   —>Va’aimanino

4.  Some adverbs are come before the verb.  These are matuā, toe, and lē


Ua ou matuā inoino la’u vasega fou.

—> I really hate my new class

Really, very much 


O le a toe sau oe?

—>  Will you come again?

Again, repeat


Sa lē alu o ia.

—> He did not go.

Not (make negative)

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