How to Use the “Ua” Tense Marker in Samoan

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Ua is the “Just happened” or “has happened” tense marker.   It changes the occurrence of an event to something that just happened.  Like all tense markers, it appears before a verb or main idea and modifies it’s tense.  For example:

Descriptive Structure 

Ua ou alu i le fale. –  I just went in the house.  

*In the descriptive sentence structure, the descriptive pronoun “ou” comes before the action word/verb “alu”.

Emphatic Structure

Ua alu a’u i le fale.-  I just went in the house.

*In the emphatic sentence structure, the emphatic pronoun “a’u”  is said after the action word/verb “alu”

Noun Phrase 

O a’u ua alu i le fale.  I just went in the house.  

*Emphatic pronouns are used in noun phrase structures.  

Noun Phrase – I  O a’u
Verb phrase- just went  ua alu
Prepositional phrase- in the house  i le fale. 

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