Learn Counting in Samoan

The foundation for being able to count in Samoan is knowing how to count from 1 – 10.  Learn and memorize numbers 1 – 10.


After learning how to count from 1 -10, use the single numbers before “sefulu” in the 10’s position to count by 10’s.

 20Lua sefulu
30Tolu sefulu
40Fa sefulu
50Lima sefulu
60Ono sefulu
70Fitu sefulu
80Valu sefulu
90Iva sefulu



Combine both sets of numbers in order to create a number such as 22.

22 = Lua sefulu ma le lua

Often times you might hear “ma le”, translated as “and the” between the tens number and a single number.  This is often omitted.  

22 = Lua sefulu lua

Other examples:

36 = Tolu sefulu ono

75 = Fitu sefulu lima

64 = Ono sefulu fa

Selau is the Samoan word for 100.  Use a single number in the 100’s position to indicate a number such as 200.  For example, 200, a two would go in the hundreds position before selau to make “Lua selau”.   Learn and memorize the numbers in the 100’s.  

101Selau ma le tasi
200Lua Selau
300Tolu Selau
400Fa Selau
500Lima Selau
600Ono Selau
700Fitu Selau
800Valu Selau
900Iva Selau

The rule to make 10’s and single digit numbers within a number still apply to make numbers in the 100’s.  

For example:

335, Tolu selau (300)+ tolu sefulu (30) +  lima (5) = 335

861, Valu selau (800) + ono sefulu (60) + tasi (1) = 861

114, Selau (100) + sefulu (10) + fa (4) = 114

*Note that since “selau” means 100, there is no need to say Tasi selau, just selau

Afe is the Samoan word for 1,000.  Use a single number before “afe” to indicate the number of 1,000’s, then proceed with counting from hundreds, tens, and singles.  

1001Afe ma le tasi
1012Afe sefulu lua
1345Afe tolu selau fa sefulu lima
2000Lua afe
3000Tolu afe
4000Fa afe

Lima afe

2222 = Lua afe (2000) + lua selau (200) + lua sefulu (20) + lua (2) = 2,222

6893 = Ono afe (6000) + valu selau (800) + Iva sefulu (90) + tolu (3) = 6,893

Use the same prinicples of building numbers to be able to count large numbers in Samoan.  

100000Selau afe

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