Learn How to Form Questions in Samoan

1.  A question can use the same word order as a statement in informal conversations.  You can tell the difference between a statement and a question by the way the speaker changes their voice throughout the sentence.  (See the Forming Question Phrases video for examples of informal questions in Samoan).

Sa ‘e va’ai le tamaiititi i le faleaoga?
Did you see the kids at the school?
Sa ‘e va’ai le tamaiititi i le faleaoga.
You saw the kids at the school.

2.  Although often times omitted in everyday conversation, questions may begin with Pe or Po in formal settings.

Ex:  Pe e te va’ai le tamaiititi i le faleaoga? —>  Did you see the kids at the school?

Sentence structure:

3.  The sentence structure is the same as normal sentence structure.  Simply add the Pe before the tense marker.  

Pe + Tense Marker , then the rest of the sentence

Pe ua uma ona ‘e ta’alo i le ta’aloga? 
Are you finished playing in the game?
Pe sa o mai teine auleilei i le fono? 
Did the pretty girls come to the meeting?

4.  Po is often used before the “O” that introduces nouns.  

Po o le solofanua lena?
 Is that a horse?
Po o se tagata faigaluega malo lela?
 Is that a government worker?

5.  Po also comes before o lo’o but it is shortened and combined to Po’o.  

Po’o latou nonofo la e luga i le moega?
 Are they are sitting on top of the bed?
Po’o lua va’a’ai le tifaga
 Are you two watching the movie? 

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