Learn How to Make Noun Phrases Negative in Samoan.

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Although there are exceptions, this lesson will focus on the general rule of “e le’o” and nouns.   E le’o comes from contracting the negative  term “lē” and the noun phrase term “O”.

For example:  

E le o se fale lena.  –>   That is not a house.  

E le and O of the noun phrase “O se fale lana” contracts to “E le’o se fale lena”.  

Recall that a noun phrase is (O + limiter + the noun).  ex… O se faiaoga/A teacher.

  • To make a noun phrase negative or to say what it is NOT, the phrase is usually converted to the habitual present tense “E”.  The term is then contracted to use the term “e le’o” before the noun. 

O se faiaoga. / It is a teacher.

E le’o se faiaoga./ It is not a teacher.

O le ta’avale. / It is the car.

E le’o le ta’avale./ It is not the car.

Here are some examples that use some more specific terms. (This, That)

E le’o se ta’avale fou lena.
That is not a new car.  
O lenei ta’avale e le’o se ta’avale fou . 
This car is not a new car.  
E le’o se ta’avale fou o le ta’avale. 
Not a new car is the car.  
EnglishPhraseNegative Phrase
It is a  house.O se fale.E le’o se fale. (Not a house)
The girlO le teineE le’o le teine (Not the girl)
A doorO se faitoto’a.E le’o se faitoto’a (Not a door)

*Practice:  Use a noun phrase to state a noun.  Don’t forget to use the “O” and a limiter  After you say what it is, say what is is not.  Example:

O se uo. (It is a  friend)E le’o se uo. (It is not a friend)
O ta’aloga (It’s games)E le’o ta’aloga. (It’s not games)
O le tama (It’s the boy)E le’o le tama. (It’s not the boy)
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