Learn How to Use the Conjunction “Even Though” in Samoan

Even Though

Despite, in spite of, and regardless are all similar terms that are represented by  e ui i.   

The phrase can be thought of as a negative Although / e ui  / e ui lava statement.  

Despite:  E ui i

E ui i so’o se luitau o le soifua maloloina e ono oo mai ia i tatou, e ui i so’o se vaivaiga i le tino tatou te auauna pea.

Despite and health challenges that may come to us, despite any weakness in our mind or body, we still serve.

Nevertheless:  E ui i lea

E ui i lea, e ui i nei mea uma, sa ou le iloa e uiga i ala o le Alii.  

Nevertheless, despite all things, I didn’t know the ways of the Lord. 

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