Learn How to Use the Word “Because” in Samoan


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Auā means because. Not to be confused with aua or don’t.

However, it is easy to confuse the two because a lot of times in written macrons are not used.


For example… 

O le a matou o i le taimi nei aua manana’o i matou se mea ai – 

We will go now because we want to eat.

Aua combined the two ideas. O le a matou o i le taime nei (Will will go now) + manana’o i matou se mea ai (we want to eat). 

Aua, or because combines the two sentences.  

Ou te fia sasa le tama aua tagi atu tele o ia.  

I want to spank the boy because (cry too much him) he cries too much. 

Ua galo ona ou vala’au le faiaoga aua ou lē iloa i lenei aso. 

I forgot to call the teacher because I don’t know this day. 


Other ways to say because are 

Talu ai:  It is used in the same manner, just interchangeable with aua 

leaga:  usually introduces a negative cause

           ex… I can’t go to the store because I don’t have any money.

                 Ou te le mafai ona ou alu i le faleoloa leaga le i ai nisi tupe.  

ona:  Used in the same manner as aua, just interchangeable.  Ona is used in other ways but often times to 

      connect two different phrases.

ona o:  “because of” usually used when a noun phrase follows the because. 

Although you might hear these other ways to say because, you probably hear aua the most. 

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