Learn Samoan Connecting Words Vocabulary

withi; ma
while, but; beforea’ao
be withoutaunoa
againtoe, totoe
becauseona ua; aua
because, for, since, on account ofauā
so as to, in order to, ina ia
Particle that comes before nounsO
Connects sentences and auxillary verbsona
not, don’t, do notaua
of, in, bya
from, sincetalu
betweeni le va
but (netherless)peita’i, ae peaita’i
but, yet, on the contrary, and yetpeita’i
except (unless)vagana, se’iloga
for mo
a, an, one (indefinate article)se
until, unlessse’iloga
and, with, away from, for, out ofma

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