Learn Singular Pre-Verb Pronouns in Samoan

Samoan Singular Pronouns

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Singular Pre-Verb pronouns (also known as Descriptive Pronouns) are words like I, you, he, she, and it.   These words are typically used before the action or main idea of a phrase.   These kind of pronouns put an emphasis on the action and not the person or thing doing the action.

Singular Descriptive Pronouns

Youe / te

Take these two sentences for example:

Descriptive pronouns are not usually used with noun phrases beginning with “O”.  Post-Verb pronouns are used in these instances.  For example:

I am Sam.

Post-Verb Version:  O a’u o Sam – Correct

Pre-Verb Version:  O ou o Sam – Incorrect

Another way to identify if a pronoun is Pre-Verb or Post-Verb is the order of the subject and verb/main idea.  If the subject is before the verb/main idea, then you’ll use a Pre-Verb pronoun.  If the phrase is stated with the subject coming after the verb/main idea then you’ll use an Post-Verb pronoun.  There is an exception but this will be discussed in the Post-Verb  pronoun section. 

Sa ou alu i le faleaoga

I went to the school.

(Tense Marker) (Pronoun, Verb) to the school.
Pronoun ou is before the verb alu

I le faleaoga sa ou alu.

To the school I went.

To the school (Tense Marker) (Pronoun, Verb).
Pronoun ou is before the verb alu

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