UMA! Samoan Language Playing Cards (USA Orders Only)



    UMA!  Samoan Language Playing Cards designed to teach the Samoan Language by Sentence Structure.  Please only select this if you are in the United States or US territories.   

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    UMA!  is a Samoan Language Sentence Structure Card Game.  This 300 card box set teaches vocabulary and the sentence structure of the Samoan language.  UMA! is based on the sentence structure principle of T-SALT and T-ASLT taught in the Matou Samoan Language classes  by Viliamu Fanene.


    1. UMA! Vocabulary Game (Beginner)
    2. UMA! Tense Action Game (Beginner)
    3. UMA! Subject Phrase Game (Beginner)
    4. UMA! E iai/To have Exercise (Intermediate)
    5. UMA! Tense Action Subject (Intermediate)
    6. UMA!  Tense Subject Action Game (Intermediate)
    7. UMA! Sentence Structure Game (Advanced+)






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