Samoan Language Learning Card Game: UMA


Matou’s Samoan Language Sentence Structure Game UMA is available for Pre-Order now.


  1. Shuffle cards thoroughly
  2. Separate the cards in two stacks: (Stack 1: Nouns and Verbs, Stack 2: All other cards)
  3. Deal 5 cards to each player from Stack 1: Nouns and Verbs.
  4. Each player should create phrases and sentences from cards in their hands. Lay them down.
  5. Each player should take turns pulling cards from Stack 2: (All other cards) to make new sentences and/or phrases with their existing cards. continue this procedure.
  6. . The first player that runs out of cards should say, “UMA”. They are the winner.


  1. UMA! Vocabulary Game (Beginner)
  2. UMA! Tense Action Game (Beginner)
  3. UMA! Subject Phrase Game (Beginner)
  4. UMA! Samo’glish Drill (Beginner)
  5. UMA! Command Exercise (Beginner)
  6. UMA! Sentence Structure Game (Advanced+)

*So sorry, UMA! cards are temporarily out of stock. Feel free to download the Samoan Sentence Structure worksheets attached to most lessons.

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