Matou Samoan Language Zoom Course


Fa’afetai tele lava!  Welcome to Matou Sentence Structure Course on  This course is designed to teach the basic structure of the Samoan Language by teaching you the main phrase structure. You have access to this course for life.  Your class enrollment grants you access to all future Matou Live Zoom classes. 

Zoom Class Access

Live Zoom classes will be twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday, 7:00pm California time for the Matou 101 Class. The next 8-week session begins May 7, 2024.  You will receive an email with the Zoom access links no later than May 5, 2024.  Use the link to log into past courses. 

More Info

You now have access to all future and present classes for free.  You will be invited and will receive all future passcodes for  all future classes.  Please do not pay anything additional as it relates to class enrollment.  There are some websites that claim there is a yearly fee for Matou…this is not true.  

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or issues. Access

Here is the link for past Matou Zoom Sessions and worksheets.  The password below is needed to access the page. 


Password: 8%28apnd!!#

Summary of access:

1. (created at

2. Matou Zoom link (above )

3. Private access page (above)


Other Notes:

1. Remember, once you have enrolled through, you always have access to these courses and do not need to register or pay anything again. There are some 3rd party online sources that report that there is an annual fee. This is not true. You will continue to have access until you block Teachable from sending messages. Please check your spam box in the event you do not receive messages in the future.

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