Plural Samoan Pronouns with 3+ People

plural possessive samoan pronouns


Most people thats been around the language are familiar with singular possessive Samoan pronouns like la’u, lo’u, lau, lou, lana, lona

But what if we wanted to say our, your plural, theirs?  To do that we have to combine a plural pronoun with a nounThese are plural Samoan pronouns for 3 or more people

Matou, tatou, tou or outou, and latou

To make these possessive pronouns, we just put a noun behind them

Since theres no action and we’re just identifying the noun, dont forget the O noun tense marker.

O Matou fale, O tatou aiga, O tou penitala, O latou taimi

So we/us turns into our…there is a slight contextual difference between matou and tatou, there’s other videos on that, but they both mean our as a possessive

Outou or tou or you all turns into your plural or yalls

And latou or them turns into their.

So O matou fale is our houses, O tatou aiga is our families, O tou penitala yalls pencils, O latou taimi is their times…like what’s their times of availability

The way its stated here…O matou fale is multiple houses owned by us, 

To make these each a singular possession owned by multiple people, we will need to limit the noun.  we need to put our limiter in front of the pronoun.  

O le matou fale….Our singular house

O le tatou aiga…. Our singular family

O le tou penitala….Your or yalls pencil

O le latou taimi…. Their singular specific time 

There is a more formal or traditional way to form possessives using a/o class but that’s a different video.

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