Counting in Samoan

Counting to 8 Challenge in Samoan

Learning to Count in Samoan: From 1 to 1,000,000 Counting in Samoan opens up a world of understanding and appreciation for the language and culture of Samoa. Let’s start with the basics—counting from 1 to 8: These numbers form the foundation of the Samoan counting system. Now, let’s explore further and learn how to count…

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Samoan Prepositions

Samoan Prepositions Worksheet caption: In Samoan, prepositions are essential elements that indicate the relationship between various elements within a sentence. They are used to specify the position, direction, or manner of an action, object, or subject in relation to another. Prepositions in Samoan, much like in English, help to provide clarity and context to a sentence. Here’s…

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Samoan Subject

Samoan Limiters

Caption: When you identify subjects in the Samoan language, the basic phrase structure is O present tense marker the limiter which makes the noun or subject singular or plural and then the noun Let’s identify a house or fale  O, our limiter goes right here, then the noun is fale, Now let’s get our limiter this grid…

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Samoan Pronunciation

Pronouncing T,K,N,G Caption: Another big question in Samoan pronunciation and inflection is T vs K.  Is T formal and K informal? For my whole life that’s the way I knew it. My first video that’s how I explained it. People were in the comments saying that’s right, that’s wrong.  So I never talked about it…

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