A vs. O-Class Samoan Words



Basically the difference between a class possessions and o class in Samoan 

this will be the shortest simplest video.  The main mistake you do not want to make is referring to your parents or God is “a” class.  Not O la’u tina or o la’u tama, it’s lo’u tina, o lo’u tama, O lo tatou tama i le lagi.  Throw in your grandparents and your brothers and sisters, I always refer to my spouse in O-class as well.  This list right here comes right from doctor Hunkins book.  These are all O-class possessions….lo’u, lou, lona, so’u, sou, sona and you say the type of possession.

A-class possessions are these.  Anything disposable, relationships you choose, things, people, and situations you’re in charge of are all a-class…la’u, lau, lana, sa’u, sau, sana and then the type of possession.  

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