Making Short Commands in Samoan Using the Pronoun “Ta”

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An abbreviated for way one person to tell or ask another person to do something is “ta” and then the action they want to do.Ta is the dual Samoan pronoun that means “we or us 2”

You’ll hear ta in a lot of love songs because Ta is used when one person is speaking to another.  No one is left out of the conversation.  

The exclusionary version of Ta is Ma.  But thats a different lesson.  

TA Ō, we go

Ta a’ai, we eat

Ta sisiva, we dance

ta ta’a’alo, we play

Ta momoe, we sleep

TA TALANOA, we talk

TA Tatalo, we pray

Ta fa’aipoipo, we marry

In translation, to make it make sense from Samoan to English they’ll say “let us”. 

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