Samoan Subject

Samoan Limiters

Caption: When you identify subjects in the Samoan language, the basic phrase structure is O present tense marker the limiter which makes the noun or subject singular or plural and then the noun Let’s identify a house or fale  O, our limiter goes right here, then the noun is fale, Now let’s get our limiter this grid…

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Samoan Pronunciation

Pronouncing T,K,N,G Caption: Another big question in Samoan pronunciation and inflection is T vs K.  Is T formal and K informal? For my whole life that’s the way I knew it. My first video that’s how I explained it. People were in the comments saying that’s right, that’s wrong.  So I never talked about it…

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Sili Atu

Expressing What is Better or Greater

Samoan Superlatives Sili Atu Here’s two simple phrases in Samoan to let you express what’s best, better, or greater by using Samoan superlatives. E sili atu translates to “it’s best, it’s better, or it’s greater”. E- present tense marker Sili atu is best or greater And then we name whats best, which is (the subject) …

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Describing Subjects in Samoan

Caption: If chica bonita in Spanish makes sense to you then teine aulelei in Samoan has got to make sense too There’s a lot of languages that describe the subject by saying the descriptive word after the subject Samoan is one of them Teine aulelei Galuega faigata Ofutino taugofie mea sili toto maualuga Again, we said the subject…then…

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Samoan Accent Marks

Fa’ataofi and Fa’amamafa Caption: In Samoan pronunciation, these symbols are very important and are needed to pronounce words correctly. This is known as the fa’amamafa meaning to make heavy or emphasize, also known as a macron. These macrons go over vowels.  Not observing a macron could change the entire meaning of a word like tama…

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Matou Card Worksheet

I had some people that wanted the cards but said they couldn’t afford them, so I made some worksheets.  They’re free to download at   I’ll put a whole book of worksheets with explanations because I’m not sure when I’ll be able to teach another class.  So if you ever signed up before, just use…

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