Samoan Language Class Enrollment (May 7, 2024)

Samoan Language Classes on Zoom


The next 8-week Matou Samoan Language Zoom Class begins Tues May 7th at 7:00pm Pacific Standard Time 

Classes meet on Tuesdays and Thursday for an hour, where we go over worksheets that you can use to practice Samoan on your own or with your friends and family between classes

If you’re not able to meet during class time, no worries, you’ll have access to the recordings and the worksheets on the class page.  Remember, once you’ve signed up, you’ll always receive invites to future classes.  

If the lifetime class passes are too much, subscribe to my Instagram channel.  Entire  classes are posted there along with access to worksheets and exclusive content.

This is a completely beginner class where we focus on Samoan sentence structure, one phrase at a time until we’re speaking in entire sentences.  

Sign up now at 

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