Telling Time in Samoan

Telling time in Samoan

When someone asks ‘Ua ta le fia?  or It has struck the how many…basically what time is it

The first sentece structure, let’s use the hour of 2.  ‘Ua ta le lua,  ‘Ua kuata le lua, ‘Ua afa le lua

‘Ua is the present tense marker, le means the, and lua is two. 

ta means to strike, kuata is quarter, and afa means half

It has struck the 2,  It is a quarter the two, It’s the half the two

Next if we’re talking about a time reference after 2, we’d say Its now 10 minutes after 2.  ‘Ua sefulu minute e te’a ai le lua.  Its now 10 minutes after the two.

If we’re talking about a time reference before 2, we’re saying that the time is moving to our reference of 2.  So if it’s 1:54, we’d say “Its now before 6 minutes to the 2″  ‘Ua toe ono minute i le lua”.  

You’ll hear other abbreviated ways of telling time, but these are the basics. 

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