Samoan Pronoun Exercise Using This Everyday Phrase


Another great phrase to help learn Samoan pronouns is the phrase O fea o (fill in the blank) and then i ai

Which basically means “where is she at, where are we at, where are they at?”.

But it depends on the pronoun you’re using.

O fea…a lot of times you’ll just hear fea which means “where”.

O is the present tense marker that’s short for o lo’o

Remember o’ lo’o if you add to any verb it’s going to making the verb present tense and happening right now: 

tamo’e ….O lo’o tamo’e

savali…. O lo’o savali

i ai ….. O lo’o i ai

But in this phrase O lo’o is usually shorted to just “O”

this is where you put your pronoun.  These are the pronouns that go before the verb

In Samoan there are pronouns that go before the verb and those same pronouns are stated a different way when stated after a verb

So it’s a good idea to memorize how to say both sets

and i ai just means to be or exist.

So you can practice your pronouns by just substituting who you’re looking for in the blank

A common one you’ll hear is O fea o ‘e i ai?

O fea o tatou i ai?

O fea o latou i ai?

Just plug in the pronoun of who you’re looking for

If you want to change the tense to say, “Where were you”, then of course we just change the tense marker from present tense “o” to a past tense marker like sa…O fea sa e i ai.

Pronoun Before a VerbPronoun After a VerbTranslation
oua’uI, me
ia, nao iaher, him, it
mai ma’uaus (dual exclusive)
tai ta’uaus (dual inclusive)
lai la’uathey (dual)
luaouluaYou (dual)
matoui matouus, we (3+ inclusive)
tatoui tatouus, we (3+ inclusive)
latoui latouthey (3+)
tououtouYou (3+)
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