Negative Phrases in Samoan

negative sign samoan

If you put lē in front of any action or adjective, the action or adjective becomes negative.

Siva….lē siva…. Ou te le siva

Kea ….le kea…. Ou te le kea

Fiafia…le fiafia…E le fiafia le teine

Notice in front of the le is a tense marker.  Tense marker, le, then the action or adjectives.

Le also makes nouns negative, but to make it negative, the noun is stated in the complete subject phrase format.  The complete subject phrase format includes the O.  

Teine is translated as girl.  Le teine is the girl.  The complete subject phrase format is O le teine.  So to say it is not the girl, we need our tense marker, le, and the complete subject phrase O le teine.  E le o se teine. Often times you’ll see the le and ‘o written as le’o.  E le’o se teine.

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