Some Common Samoan Adjectives/Adverbs

Three words that can help you in your sentences

Uma,  pea, moni

Uma by itself means finished or complete, but when used after a word, particularly nouns and pronouns, it takes the word and makes it complete or all.  For example.  Taimi is time.  taimi uma is all the time or the entire time, O le aso is the day. O le aso uma is the whole day, O tatou is us. O tatou uma is all of us.

Pea is used after actions to mean continue the action.  fai is to do fai pea is continue doing.  Usu is to sing usu pea is continue to sing.  taumafai is to try.  taumafai pea is to continue to try

and moni means true or real. O la’u pele is my dear.  O la’u pele moni is my true love

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