Account Verification

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The primary purposes of are to:

1. Preserve and promote the native languages of Pasifika,

2. Share vital information, education, and training relative to the people of Pasifika,

3. Promote Pasifika excellence to the world.

In order to meet the criteria for verification, an account holder must consistently be working toward the promotion and preservation of a Pasifika language and/or culture. An account holder may also be verified if they have a body published educational work in the field of Pasifika language education and culture.

Examples of accounts that have a high chance of being verified are language teachers with a proven track record of teaching, educators with active platforms, and content creators that consistently share historical information about Pasifika. The goal of verification is to showcase premium contributors to the Pasifika language and culture on this platform.

Notable celebrities also receive verification in order to protect their identities from spoof accounts. To apply for verification, please fill out the form below:

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